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Do you own an eCommerce business? We want to buy it.

I’m searching for successful eCommerce businesses earning $500k - $750k SDE annually.

Who Is Altitude Search Fund?

I'm Mike Belasco and Altitude Search Fund is my self-funded search fund. I recently sold one of my businesses and I'm ready for my next acquisition.


I'm a digital marketing leader with 20+ years of experience as a Founder and CEO growing online businesses. 


Altitude Search Fund is currently seeking to acquire an eCommerce store or marketplace.


Our Acquisition Criteria

There are a few "must have" items on our business acquisition checklist. 

  • 3+ years in continuous operation

  • Earning $500k-$750k SDE annually

  • eCommerce business where the website is the primary channel

  • SBA qualified (or potential to qualify)

Meet Our Team


Mike Belasco

Lead Searcher/Investor

  • LinkedIn

James David Williams

Partner at Barlow & Williams PLLC

  • LinkedIn

Tom Francis

SVP, Senior SBA and Commercial Banker

  • LinkedIn

Ben Knauss

CPA, Tax Partner
Hoelting & Company Inc.

  • LinkedIn

Mike's Skills and Experience

Mike Belasco is a digital marketing leader with a track record of business growth and success. He is a Founder and CEO with 20+ years of success growing businesses via cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. Mike is a maximizer of digital marketing and online media as a strategic advantage for an organization’s growth. He is recognized in the industry for innovation and results for clients including increased traffic and sales. Others know Mike as a strategic, diligent, and caring leader.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Operations & Business Management

Mergers & Acquisitions

Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Optimization

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